Extracting heterogeneous references from texts, in particular from historical documents and humanities or legal scholarship is an unresolved problem. (For a more elaborate problem statement, see the Call for Papers for the upcoming workshop.) Yet, there is currently no coordinated effort to develop solutions.

In response to this state of affairs, we want to assemble scholars and practitioners from the social sciences, the humanities and the informational and computational disciplines to establish the state of the art, share resources and approaches and find ways for jointly developing new tools and workflows which are able to unlock previously untapped reference/citation data in the humanities, law and the social sciences.

Workshop 2023

Our main activity currently is a hybrid workshop (see programme) that we will be hosting in May 2023 at the Max Planck Institute for Legal History and Legal Theory (mpilhlt), Frankfurt/Main, Germany. As we progress, more and other materials will be made available via this website (https://mpilhlt.github.io/reference-extraction/).


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